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Cyprus Luxury Holiday Villas - Monte Mare Villa sailing activities

Monte Mare Luxury Cyprus holiday Villa - Cyprus

Relaxing in the sun is not the only reason to visit Cyprus. There’s a myriad of activities you could indulge in and being an island, water sports feature strongly. Try the water park for thrills, or bungee jumping for an extreme sensation. Discover the magic of the underwater world by snorkeling or diving in the warm crystal clear seas. Windsurfing and sailing can be enjoyed all the year round, thanks to steady winds and calm predictable seas, while coastal cruising and deep-water fishing are also popular. You could even use the island as a base for a short cruise to other nearby countries. On the other hand in Cyprus there are numerous relics from the rich past of this island. Relics from every era - Greek temples, Roman mosaics and 15th-century wall-paintings. Most of these remainders of the past still influence the artists of today. Many villages specialize in a particular art form. During a trip around Cyprus the visitor can see pottery, silver and copperware, basket weaving, tapestry and Lefkara's famous lacework, all being manufactured on the spot. Having your relaxing holidays at Monte Mare Luxury Villa can be an excellent opportunity to enjoy Paphos and Cyprus. There are so many things you can do or places to visit in Paphos and in Cyprus during your holidays. 

 Paphos Castle

Enjoy visiting Paphos castle at Paphos harbour

Pafos castle was originally a Byzantine fort built to protect the harbour. It was rebuilt by the Lusignans in the 13th century, dismantled by the Venetians in 1570 during the Ottoman invasion and rebuilt by the Ottomans after they captured the island in the 16th century. In 1935 it was declared an ancient monument and today is considered as one of the landmarks of Pafos region. The harbour is still used today by fishing boats and yachts. There is a seaside walkway with restaurants and coffee shops in the area all with great sea views.

Paphos Castle in Paphos harbour

Aphrodite's Rock 

Enjoy visiting Aphrodite's birth place (called as Petra tou Romiou also)

Petra tou Romiou (Rock of the Greek), also known as Aphrodite's Rock, is a sea stack in Pafos, Cyprus. The combination of the beauty of the area and its status in mythology as the birthplace of Aphrodite makes it a popular tourist location. According to one legend, this rock is the site of the birth of the goddess Aphrodite, perhaps owing to the foaming waters around the rock fragments, and for this reason it is known as Aphrodite's Rock. The present name Petra tou Romiou associates the place with the exploits of the hero Basil as told in the Digenes Akritas. Basil was half-Greek (Romios) and half-Arabic, hence the name Digenes (two-blood). Legend tells that Basil hurled the huge rock from the Troodos Mountains to keep off the invading Saracens.


Petra tou Romoiou in Paphos Cyprus

Short Cruises

Enjoy short cruises in Paphos and Cyprus

There are several cruises that set off from the picturesque Paphos Harbour. Some are half or full day cruises to popular bays, others are romantic sunset cruises and others are night cruises that come with a breathtaking fireworks display.


Cruises in Paphos and Cyprus

Lara Bay

Enjoy short cruises in Lara Bay in Akamas Paphos

Lara Bay is in Akamas peninsula and it is one of the most beautiful beaches in Cyprus. Blonde sand, crystal clear blue water together with seclusion, peace and tranquility. Part of the beach and the sea waters in front are a preservation area and are protected, as it is one of the two main bays in the Mediterranean used by the very rare loggerhead sea turtle Caretta-Caretta as a breeding ground. At the beginning of June, the first sea turtles swim out of the sea at night, climb up the beach, dig holes in the sand to make their nests, lay up to 130 eggs and then cover them up with sand. After merely 7-8 weeks the eggs hatch, the baby turtles emerge from within the sand at night and start their treacherous journey to the sea but only very few survive.


Lara Bay Beach in Akamas peninsula Paphos Cyprus


Enjoy short safari drives in Akamas Paphos

The Akamas peninsula, covers about 230 square km and is located on the western tip of Cyprus. It is an area of great natural beauty unaffected by development. The area is unique for the whole Mediterranean region, mainly due to the precious ecology system. The diversity of flora and fauna living in this relatively small area is truly impressive. If you like unspoilt beaches and clear sea water then you could drive into the Akamas which is a national park and find secluded beaches. Note that the roads in the park are all gravel / dirt roads. Take with you lots of drinking water.


Akamas peninsula in Polis Chrisochous Paphos Cyprus

Troodos Mountains

Enjoy short safari drives in Troodos Mountains Nicosia Cyprus

Troodos is the biggest mountain range in Cyprus, located at the center of the island. Troodos's highest peak is Mount Olympus at 1,952 metres. Troodos mountain range stretches across most of the western side of Cyprus. There are many famous mountain resorts (Platres, Kakopetria, Agros), Byzantine monasteries and churches on mountain peaks some of which are listed by UNESCO as world heritage (Kykkos, Trooditissa, Assinou), picturesque mountain villages nestling in its valleys and clinging to terraced hill slopes (Panayia, Omodos, Lofou) as also a few medieval times bridges.


Troodos Mountains in Nicosia area Cyprus


Enjoy a visit at the Paphos Mosaics

The mosaic decorations and the mythological compositions dating back to the 2nd century A.D. are the main characteristics of the restored Roman villa, called 'The House of Dionysos', which took this name thanks to the many depictions of Dionysos, the mythical god of wine. The house most probably belonged to a member of the ruling Roman class or to a wealthy citizen of Pafos. Several ancient villas with wonderful mosaics, an ancient theatre and a lighthouse can be visited in the archeological park, whose entrance is next to the harbour.


Mosaics in Paphos next to the harbour

Tombs of the Kings

Enjoy a visit at the Paphos Tombs of the Kings

Spread over a vast area, these impressive underground tombs date back to the 4th century BC. They are carved into solid rock whilst some tombs are decorated with Doric pillars. High Officials and Aristocrats rather than Kings were buried here, but the magnificence of the tombs gave this unique site its name.


Tombs of the Kings Paphos Cyprus

Paphos old marhet

Enjoy a visit at the Paphos old town market

Nothing reveals the spirit of a country more than a market, so make sure you find time to visit the main municipal market in the Pafos town area, known as “Agora”. The market stalls are busy with locals buying their weekly food or essential supplies. The market is open every day except Sundays. In the roads surrounding the market you can find modern shops selling clothes, shoes, jewellery, books, watches, souvenirs, etc.


Paphos old toen market

St. Neophgytos Monastery

Enjoy a visit at St. Neophytos Monastery

The monastery nestles in the hillside just north of Pafos town, and grew from the cave-church which was built by the hermit Saint 'with his own bare hands' in the 12th century. In fact there is a series of connected caves and the Saint lived and worked there. It is believed that the frescoes in the caves are his work. Some of these caves are open to the public. The Monastery was built next to the caves. A reliquary containing a skull believed to be that of the Saint can be seen in the Church within the Monastery compound. St Neophytos Monastery is about 20 minutes drive from Coral Bay and only 5 minutes away from Tsada Golf Course.


St. Neophytos Monastery in Paphos

Scuba Diving

Enjoy scuba diving in Paphos and in Cyprus

Scuba diving in Cyprus is absolutely fantastic. The water is warm, clear and diving sights are easily accessible. There are several good diving sights in Paphos area which you could visit with the help of certified local diving schools. Please note that the 'Zenovia Wreck', a commercial bulker that sunk just off the bay of Larnaca, is considered to be one of the best wreck diving sights in the world, because it is only 22 metres from the sea surface, and, the water is usually clear and warm.

Scuba diving Paphos Cyprus

Water Sports 

Enjoy water sports in Coral Bay Beach or in any other beacg in Paphos

Water sports are something that we have all tried in the past and will probably try again in the future because, simply, it's fun! Several options for water sports exist on the beach of Coral Bay. From paragliding to jet skis, and, from inflatable banana rides to a simple pedal boat, all are available for you to try.

Water sports in Paphos and Cyprus

Paphos Water Park

Enjoy the Paphos water Park 

If you are a kid, there is only a handful of things that compare to a day at the water park. Lots of rides, lots of fun. If you intend to visit, let us know and we could be of assistance in obtaining information and tickets. If you do intend to have a family day out at the water park, please remember to apply sun block agents to your little ones. They will be in direct sun for most of the day. The water park in Paphos is about 8 miles away from Coral Bay.


Paphos water park


Enjoy a game of golf in one of the golf courses in Paphos and Cyprus 

There are three large golf courses in the area. The first is called Tsada Golf course and it is situated near Tsada village just north of Pafos town. The other two, Secret Valley and Aphrodite Hills are about 6 miles east of Pafos town near the beach where myth says it is the birthplace of Aphrodite, Goddess of Love. Aphrodite Hills golf course is said to be the best one on the island.


Golf courses in Paphos and Cyprus

Paint Ball

Enjoy a game of paintball in Paphos and Cyprus 

If you wish to have a game of paintball, you will be pleased to note that there is such a place in Paphos. It is the largest and longest running PaintBall Park in Cyprus, which currently operates three theme fields. Each field has a unique identity and offers different types of entertainment.


Paphos Paintball games

 Go Karts


Enjoy your day on the race track in Paphos and Cyprus 

The track is 1600 metres of pure adrenaline combining twisting bends and long straights with flowing corners. Be sure to hold on tight around the two sweeping half handers as you approach the tunnel and make your way over the bridge.


Go Karts track in Paphos


Enjoy cycling in the Monte Mare villa area or in Paphos

Cycling in Cyprus is fantastic. The scenery is so diverse and beautiful that will make your cycling experience unforgettable. The most popular rides are up on Troodos Mountains. Specialized companies arrange cycling tours and also supply the bicycles and all necessary accessories.


Cycling in Paphos



Enjoy hiking in Troodos mountains

Troodos Mountains, whose highest peak almost reaches 2000 metres is covered in snow in the winter, and, in the summer it is a cooler alternative to the heat of the coast. Some fine walking is to be had here along trails that go through scented forests of pine and past waterfalls. Enjoy the magnificent panoramic views across the island and if you are lucky you may see a unique and protected Mufflon breed called Agrino. Agrino is a wild sheep/aries-like animal that roams freely in the extensive forests of western Troodos indigenous only to Cyprus!


Hiking in Troodos mountains Cyprus


Enjoy sailing around Cyprus

Cyprus offers excellent sailing opportunities around the island. Leasure sailing in Cyprus is becoming more popular by the day, with hundreds of locations to visit and anchor. The moderate climate all year round and the calm waters promise leasure sailors a place to enjoy sailing rather than test their skills.


Sailing in Cyprus

Vineyards and Wineries trails

Enjoy Cyprus vineyards and wineries trails

There is a lot to be said about Cyprus Wine. Cyprus has the oldest recorded history of wine making going back to ancient times. Moving forward a few centuries, it is said that the Crusaders took vines from Cyprus and introduced them to France. The Cyprus Tourist Board has mapped several trails around the wine making villages up on the mountains of Cyprus. These involve visits to Wine Museums, driving through vineyards and visiting the main wine making villages.


Vineyards and wineries trails in Cyprus

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